Travel diary before the actual journey begins.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts (well, okay, I posted that one quite a while ago …) I finally got the money and the time on my hands to see a little bit more of the world we live in. I’d love to write down this whole experience and share it with you and I thought why not start now ? Why ignore all the struggle and exciting planning before actually getting on that plane, it’s all part of the journey ! So here I’ll probably (hopefully – damn those all-of-the-sudden-motivation-loss-days of mine !) keep you posted about where what when how whom or whatever will come up on this little journey of mine.

As I’ve never been traveling for a longer period, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of traveling alone versus traveling with a friend. When I finally decided that it probably would be nice to start with the two-against-the-world version instead of exploring the world on my own, other questions popped up. Difficulties, friends who didn’t have the time, the money, and then this very important other question – whom will I be able to travel with ? Who would like to travel with me ? And then there came my flatmate/good friend and told me her travel plans, which were basically the same and it wasn’t long until we had our flight booked.

Of course I hope that everything will turn out great and I think the fact, that we’ve been flatmates for a year now can only be an advantage, but as I’m someone who’d rather expect nothing than be disappointed in the end, I’m trying to walk into this without any expectations. I think that it’s the hardest part to really travel with someone, you’ve never traveled with before, especially if you never had an experience like that even apart from another.

Everything seemed to be settled until the political situation got so bad in the Philippines that we had to change our flights. And this is the ever so exhausting part we’re in at the moment. The flights couldn’t be changed to the location we wanted to travel to next, we couldn’t get all of our money back either and now it seems like we’ll be on our way for three days or something like that, we’ll see about 6 airports from the inside and spend A LOT of time there until we finally arrive in Bali, which is our destination. We’ll be paying MUCH more than a normal flight to Bali would cost, it’s a back and fourth with airlines, really, and there are tiny moments where I just want to say f*** this, I’m going to Italy for two months. Does anyone of you have any ideas about what to do ? How to handle a situation like this ? It’s so nerve-wracking I just want to get the mail saying „here are your tickets.“ thank you.

Apart from that it’s all about vaccinations and visas and which sights/landscapes/cities to visit in Indonesia and it’s exciting and I’m so so so looking forward to it ! I’ll keep you posted !




low weather, pink sweater.









IMG_8766 Kopie





Well, this happened when summer wasn’t here already, when you couldn’t even touch it with you’re fingertips while standing on your toes. It’s warmer now, thank god ! I still think the photos turned out great and due to a lack of motivation to post anything the past month it took me this long but here they are, and more to come ! Stay tuned !

All pictures taken by Christoph Stolz. Click here to get to his Instagram account.



Read. Watched. Wondered about.

Jürgen Teller Kate Moss

Hello hello ! I’m back with another ‚read watched wondered about‘ ! As always, have fun with le internet, I’m amused and confused and shocked about everything you can actually find online everyday all over again.

1. As I’m already loving Leonora Carrington’s surreal paintings, this one is definitely on my to-read-list.

2. watch out – major craving for sun and warmth and beach and sand and this beautiful home coming your way !

3. In love with Seishi Shirakawa’s photography for the Union Magazine.

4. I can’t really decide if I think this is brilliant or if it’s weird and someone just happened to be really bored someday.

5. A short reminiscence about Kurt Cobain and the Grunge scene.

6. For those of you who have been looking for that perfect eco friendly swimsuit label. Here you go.

7. I can’t believe how this is happening right before our eyes and nobody seems to care.


Kate Moss by Jürgen Teller via Pinterest.



When I heard that 13 Reasons Why, a new netflix series, was being released, and that it’s about that book probably most of us read in high school, I didn’t really feel the urge to watch. Just another teenage high school drama, I thought.

Well, in the lack of other stuff to watch and a 7 hour trainride ahead of me I started watching it. I went on watching it at home, I watched until 4 pm and then I was done. I think there haven’t been many times when something on a screen has moved me this much.

I read the book in German shortly after it came out, everybody read it, everybody talked about it. Watching it on Netflix I didn’t actually recall reading all of that, and I remember that it didn’t really have a great impact on me. Watching Hannah’s story, especially the ending, now, was extremely overwhelming for me. I think that it might be too extreme to watch for some people, although I definitely think that everybody should watch it, be overwhelmed, feel with Hannah, with all the others and maybe carry that awareness in you, which might restrain somebody someday close to you to do something like that.




But now a little bit about the story. Hannah Baker, a 17 year old high school girl, kills herself. A few weeks later, Clay, a boy from the same high school, receives a package consisting of 13 tapes, Hannah recorded before she died. 13 reasons why, a tape for and about everyone who made this sometimes little, sometimes big mistake to pile up on that load of crap, Hannah already has felt and experienced.

Besides a lot of flashbacks where Hannah’s story gets told through Clay’s listening to the tapes, he’s the main character in this series, who’s also got a tape for himself, which had a great impact on Hannah. Trying to live the normal school life with knowing what all those people did to the girl he fell in love with, before even listening to his own tape, gets everyone, but especially Clay on the edge. Noone knows what to do with all the information, noone wants it to get public, their sometimes little, sometimes big secrets which made this girl kill herself.




In the beginning I was very sceptical. Could the producers manage to keep it as real as possible ? I have never had the ever-so-talked-about american high school experience, it’s quite different in Austria. Not that there’s no bullying or cyber bullying happening (unfortunately), but for most of the people school is not everything, we don’t spend all of our freetime at school, as I think it’s probably the case in american schools. It’s actually possible for us to have a life besides school, other friends, if there’s noone at school to talk to.

But that’s not an excuse to look away, of course. I, myself have probably been in many situations where I could’ve said something, instead of looked away. Where I simply could’ve walked over to this bullied person and defend someone who was on the edge of not caring anymore. We don’t have clubs, or footballers or cheerleaders at our schools, but we all have smartphones too, behind which’s screens we can easily hide, while posting something online which makes someone feel like they’re not worth anything anymore.

I couldn’t stop crying during the last episode, thinking how close I felt on the edge as a teenager sometimes. Everything’s so much more meaningful, when something doesn’t go the way you planned it feels like your whole world is falling apart. Stupid things, sometimes, small things, that simply burn themselves into your teenage brain, making you feel like it’s everything, worth risking everything.

I think you should watch 13 reasons why. It’s sometimes painful, other times relateable, it sometimes stretches on and you wish that now it’s about Hannah again to find out what’s been happening with her, how she’s been feeling, but in the end it definitely did something with me. We all should care, we should stop and talk, even if it’s just a little „is everything alright ?“ Instead of looking away. I know that I sometimes don’t know how I could help or that I’m too afraid of really doing it, but sometimes little things you say have a great impact on people, on the positive and on the negative side. How would you feel ?

Raising cyber mobbing awareness, it’s really a thing you know.















Well, it’s been a while, I’ve been planning my journey to Asia a little bit, looking for schools or unis for next year and I’ve been (once again) trying to figure out what I actually want to do with my life. As most of my friends quite suddenly started to decide to become doers and actually started doing projects, I couldn’t help but get into the „doer-mode“ too. Suddenly afternoons at cafés weren’t all about talking about how we would like to do things, but how we actually did things ! Quite an amazing transformation I can tell you.

So I picked up my camera again. Here’s the first real series of Portraits I did with Lena, a best friend and beautiful human being. I’m so excited about the fact that something excites me again !



Online shopper ?

Although I’m not much for online shopping and love love love actually being in the store and getting to touch things and try on everything and then pursue to not buying anything, I quite regularly end up on pretty websites where one can buy pretty stuff and quite regularly am really glad about not using a credit card. (Yes and I’m still alive !)

Now although my room almost bursts at its seems due to too many stuff (I’ve been planning that flea market for months now …) and the financial side doesn’t look too happy, I can’t help but online shop in mind. That doesn’t hurt anyone, right ? So Pinterest is absolutely my best friend, where I can put all the pretty, lovely things I would buy into my little „wanties“ file and look at the things I’ve purchased in mind whenever I want to. Anyone who can relate ?

So now to the less pathetic part of this post. Since I stumble upon so many great online shopping websites I can’t help it but share a few of them with you. And maybe the one or the other online shopping heart will burst of happiness.


favorites that ended up in my Pinterest „wanties“ file  though never purchased

The Handmade Oaxaca Net Bag
The Origami Kimono Top
The Stillness Plate by Humble Ceramics

The next online shop I totally fell for is TWO SON. Two of the original creators of Two Son also have a very nice blog which I’ve been reading for some time now. Visit it here !


TWO SON Champagne Thursday Tee
Maryam Nasser Zadeh Agnes Boot
Moon Juice Spirit Dust


if you don’t know the brand & Other Stories yet, you probably will be happy about this tip – go take a look at their stuff, I almost dare to promise you, that you won’t regret it !


Rose Mirror Glass Shades
Jacquard Boots
Volumnious Wool Knit

Well, even if you didn’t find anything you liked I hope you had fun scrolling through and even got to do a little bit of ‚mind-shopping‘. I wish you all the best day !