After a horrifying ride on a motorbike through jakarta with my big backpacks (which has been quite an experience itself !) I took the next train to Bandung. I heard that there wasn’t much to explore in Bandung itself but the surrounding landscape had enough to offer to stay a few days, so I did. 

And oh it did have enough to offer I tell you ! In 12 hours in total we ate fresh fruit from the trees, saw spiders as big as hands, walked on the oldest bridge in Indonesia (well, that’s what our tourguide told us …), watched how bamboo mats and tofu was made, explored a volcano crater, rice and tea plantages, had incredible lunch in the calming surroundings of strawberry fields, walked through the rain forest to get to hot springs, where we spent a few hours peacefully floating around in the naturally heated water before heading to our last stop, freshly brewed coffee in the dark surroundings of a town where the last call to prayer of the day filled the air with almost mystical sounds. (I already got so used to the call to prayer that it was almost weird not to hear it as loud in Pangandaran, the town by the sea I’ve been staying at until today.

You say all of this sounds so cheesy ? Well, it was ! And I couldn’t and I still can’t even believe that everything I see is real and that I actually get to see all of it !

Bandung itself isn’t the same as Jakarta, but it still is quite a big city with crazy traffic, people wanting to take pictures with and of you wherever you go and incredible streetfood. The street I stayed at turned out to be the most exciting street for young people in Bandung. Very western hipstery cafés, pubs and bars, brick walls, bicycles hanging from them, with calming acoustic versions of well-known pop songs playing in the background … you know what I mean I guess ! But after seeing so much of the Indonesian culture I almost was happy to sit in a restaurant, spaghetti carbonara in front of me, listening to a very soulful version of wrecking ball from miley cyrus.

One of the things that made it quite hard for me to leave Bandung were to people I met there. The hostel owner and me got on so well that he even put on a little jawanese dance performance on my last evening just for me. The people were beyond helpful and nice and funny and I had to make sure not to get too comfortable there. Eventually the day came and I had to travel on. But first of course I’d love to share some impressions of Bandung and its surroundings with you.


If you want to travel from Jakarta to Yogjakarta I would definitely recommend staying a few nights at Bandung in between. The train ride from Jakarta to Yogja is incredibly long, so it’s nice to get a good night’s rest in a real bed plus doing a tour to the south of Bandung (the crater, hot springs,… ) is such an amazing experience you wouldn’t want to miss ! 

Some hostels offer tours to the south and to the north, it’s basically the same thing BUT the north is much more popular, we were still pretty much on our own in the south and payed WAY LESS ! So maybe ask for options at the hostel you stay at.

I stayed at the Chez Bon hostel and I’d definitely recommend it. The rooms and sanitary facilities are very clean, it has a great rooftop where you can watch the busy streets from above, the neighbourhood’s pretty cool, they have good breakfast and the best staff. (If you should ever get there say hi from me, I think they’ll probably remember me hehe)



If I’d have to discribe Jakarta with three words they’d probably be hazy, loud and friendly. I won’t be staying longer but the teeny bit I’ve been able to get to know this city has blown my mind a little bit. Well, I never got out of Europe (I don’t think spending a vacation in an all-inclusive club in Egypt or walking over to the Asian side of Istanbul counts) and I can truly tell you already that I’m more than happy that I finally did. 

Everything’s so incredibly different, the streets, the people, the food, how life works here, it can’t really be understood (I’m not saying I know now everything after just one lousy day !) unless you’ve been in a city like this. I also have to say without the guided tour I took today I wouldn’t even have known where to start ! On every corner there’s something different to see, incredible skyscrapers next to extreme poverty, special food markets, people greeting you and waving at you with a smile, it doesn’t matter where in Jakarta we were and the list goes on. But I guess I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 

Hello Indonesia.

It’s incredible how time flies. It almost seems like it was yesterday when I got that idea to go travel for 1 1/2 months and now I’m in Jakarta, lying in my hostel bed. Actually it almost took until right now to hit me what the f*** I’m doing. The past 20 hours mainly consisted of waiting and sitting and sleeping and waking up and eating and falling asleep again. Incredible how exhausting it is simply to sit on a plane ?!

The only thing I’ve actually booked is the capsule hostel old batavia which I’ll be staying at until tomorrow. What the hell I’m doing then was something I thought about a little bit but real planning ? Nope. I’ve always considered myself as quite a spontaneaous person but right now I’m a little nervous. What am I doing ? WHAT AM I DOING ? Of course I’m excited and it’s a good kind of nervous but still, a little structure might not hurt nobody I guess. 

There’ll be a little Jakarta city tour today which I booked at the hostel so I’m really looking forward to that but until now all I can say about Jakarta – people who drive any kind of vehicle act CRAZY on the streets, seriously, I’ve never held on to that handle so hard in my life, my hands actually hurt.


Read. Watched. Wondered About.


Hello dear people in front of the screen ! I got exactly one week left until I leave for Jakarta and I’m nervous & excited & a little bit afraid but the good kind. Have fun again clicking away. I definitely did !

1.What I’m currently reading.

2. I’m so so looking forward to the new Sofia Coppola film.

3. Update – yes, I’m still vegan ! And I’m excited to try out this recipe at some point ‚cause there are some urgent lasagna cravings going on.

4. I almost feel a little bit ashamed, as I’m a big fan, but I simply couldn’t do it. Do you ?

5. Hamburg after the G20 in pictures.

6. This is kinda cool.

7. As I’m normally more of a Netflix type of gal I gotta say I’m more than glad I didn’t miss out of this series on Amazon Prime (Although it’s already two years old). I’m hooked ! (And very sad ‚cause they never made a second season …) note: This is definitely nothing for faint-hearted people !

7. Such a beautiful editorial !!

8. Oh and I am in loooove with the new The xx music video.




Photo taken at Fondazione Prada in Milano.

All sails set.

Finally. Finally is my flight booked and in less then two weeks I’ll be standing in Indonesia with a backpack bigger than myself on my back and probably a nervous happy excited smile in my face. I can’t believe it’s really happening and the days just seem to fly by. There’s still so so much to do and so many things to think about, to buy, to inform myself about and I have to say, for all German speaking Indonesia travelers out there (if you don’t know it already) the website Indojunkies definitely saved me. You have everything on there you need from information about the culture, where to go, what to see, what to pack, do’s and don’ts, basically EVERYTHING you need and want to know when you’re traveling to Indonesia.

That website is my little haven where I feel like when I can tick off all points on their Indonesia-pack list everything will be alright and I can stay calm instead of freaking out about forgetting something, which is one of my biggest fears. (I just say flight tickets. Oh no, even better – passport.)

I don’t have an exact plan in mind and I haven’t done it yet but I’ll probably book a hostel or something for the first few days in Jakarta and I thought about spending the first two weeks right there on Java, one of the main Islands besides Bali. Even writing about this is so exciting ! And yes, you might have noticed, it’s only me the first two weeks or so. I gotta tell you it took some time to really adjust to the thought of staying in a big city like Jakarta all by myself but the more I thought about it, the more I was okay with it and right now I’m so so looking forward to experience an adventure like this all by myself, something that I’ve never done before ! Well, let’s hope I’ll find some nice people to talk to while I’m there hehe but oh so many people told me not to worry about that so I did for a little while but then I stopped. Doesn’t help anyway !

Well, these are all the news I can tell you about now. And please, dear people out there, tell me your experiences – have you ever been backpacking ? Got any insider-backpacker-tips ? Any stories to tell ? I’d love to read them !




picture taken by Christoph Stolz. Have a look at his Instagram page right here.





















Beautiful Johanna let me take pictures of her some time ago for my portfolio. I’d say way to go but I’m still happy with the outcome !

Johannas outfit is all second hand (I can’t even tell you how I freaked out when I got hold of that leather coat at a clothes-swapping event in Vienna ! I mean I fell in love right there.)

Similar glittery boots from & Other Stories.

White earrings from h&m. (Not available online but I’ve seen them in stores not that long ago.)




Listened to in June.

June has been quite an eventful, tough month for me. Since I haven’t been working I had more than enough time to think, to reflect on myself, whom I’ve become, where I wanted to go, which felt quite overwhelming from time to time. Music has always been so so important to me which is why I’d like to start sharing monthly playlists with the songs that accompanied me through a month with you. There are so many flashbacks happening whenever I hear a song I haven’t heard in a long time, feelings, people, moments, even smells, so why not safe these memories every month to go back to whenever there’s a craving for it ?

So go on, hop in and let yourself carry away by these new and old tunes I simply couldn’t stop listening to in June.